Terms & Conditions


Our products we focus on is about delivering results to our clients through Instagram Marketing and generating the best Android & IOS app development for your company. Create a branded app for your business.

All Results Are typical because we don’t know how hard that work towards your goals and making sure that you’ll build your Brand.

Return policy: You have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee no questions ask and we’ll ask make sure that you’re satisfied with our products or services.

Instagram Marketing Conditions

We’ll completely take over your account and the ability to access everything that we’re going need to help brand your business inside of Instagram. Learn more about services on our home page.

Cancel Terms of Service
You’ll have 7 days in the beginning to cancel our service and you’ll on a month to month contact with Instagram marketing. App development will be done withing 3-7 days of order and we have a recurring fee; which we’ll talk after app is done through any updates that needed.


You’ll sign a month to month contract to cover both parties and you’ll receive an invoice every month on all the costs. This give you the ability to generate tax right off for your business through any marketing efforts for your business.

Marketing takes time

We’ll have an understanding that marketing is a jab, jab, hook kind of play and we won’t sell on any post until building trust and rapport with your potential clients. We’ve seen results within a few weeks without ever selling on single things on Instagram. The objective is getting people wondering what you do without really sell the old fashion way.