What Are Pillar Pages | How To Use Them Correctly in Search Engines

If you’re a marketer or work with a marketer, then chances are good that you’ve heard the phrase “Pillar Content” or “What are Pillar Pages” the last few months. As a marketing strategy, pillar content is being pursued by a lot of marketers, and companies, and it’s getting a huge push from HubSpot. Why?

These pages are nothing more Silo pages and so someone decided to just to call it something different inside of search engine optimization for the purpose of confusing people. About a month back decided to do some research on these types of Pages.

Look At your pages Like networks or Groups

Networking is huge in business and you’re website shouldn’t be any different inside of the business world. One the reasons why I’m introducing these pages in this way is because it gives you a better understanding the effectiveness of these website pages.

How To effective Use Pillar Page / Silo Pages for Architecture for your Website

Start with an actual theme of the site and you can break this down into mini sub topics, which I’ll be covering inside of the training video down below at the end of the content.

Google and other search engines like when you organize a site in a way that helps them understand what the website is about.

Home Page is the actual theme of your website and this section is more the business card for the website. This would include any training or anything that you would like to add for people know exactly what you doing online or Offline.

Topic and no need to for sub topic pages because this is such an old method of how things are done inside of search engine optimization. It’s just not the way SEO is done anymore and everything you do is going to become a mixture of keywords on the actual page.

Blog Post are going internal link in way that you pass link juice throughout the entire website to build authority and trust throughout Google to help rank all the pages.

Here’s an Example of my website for a minute: Home | Testimonials | Service Pages which includes: Dental SEO, Instagram Marketing Service , and Online marketing coaching program for SEO.

How to Create your Strategy with Creating Pillar Pages

First of all, the first thing you need to understand is that these are strategies to help you rank inside of Google or any other search engine. It’s not about trying to spam your way to the Top of search but letting all the links that you build will pass through your entire website.

Strategy #1 With Building Silos for your main pages

I’m not here to tell you theory but telling what I’ve done on my own website to help rank multiple pages in the search engines. My new Brand Two Fisted Domination focuses on SEO & Instagram Marketing Service mostly.

But you’ll want to internal link without site and what I talked about within your home page you can do a few things for getting people to understand the type of content that you’ll actually put out on your website.

Internal Linking within all your Main pages and the Video Down Below will show more in detail what I’m talking about.

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Strategy #2 Blog posts and Over Website with your Pillar pages

Building blog post around a particular topic within your Website and helping all the pages rank at the same time. You’ll get a better example of something like ranking for niches inside  of SEO for the sole purpose of ranking all the pages at the same time.

Maybe you’re in Dental and want people to know about teeth. Dental is a very boring topic to many people and you would need to creative to make your content interesting. Another create example is online marketing and such a broad topic and you would need to break that down to specific niche.

Like for instance say you Roofers, and then go to talk about SEO, email marketing, etc around roofing and everything goes back to your home page to your main SEO page.

I’ll show you what I mean in a minute with the 2nd tutorial down below for a better description inside of the video. All my videos are more step by step than anything for a further understanding.

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Strategy #1 What is A Pillar Pages

Strategy #2 What are silo Pages,  Pillar pages, and Cluster pages

How to Create an Effective Content Strategy with Silo Pages

Local SEO Consultant for small businesses | What Are Pillar Pages

Content is king in the world of online marketing but you can create awesome content with seeing no results for all the effort that you put forth through all the content you created. Just wanted to give a bonus tip here!

If, follow my content on my RSS feed or through my email list and you’ll know that I like giving one extra piece of content that might take you to the next step. Inside of these types of pages you’ll need to create a keyword list for your website to become effective.

We’ll use the blog post strategy since you should of already gone through the entire video for that strategy and will use the real estate with a few examples.

Just examples Of Silo Pages  with directing them back to your main service page and you’ll say that you’re an Austin Real Estate page.

  1. How to buy your First home- Blog Post #1
  2. How to improve your credit for buying your first home #2
  3. How to Find the best realtor in Austin #3
  4. How to negotiate the best price for listing #4

These examples are not based on research I’ve done in the past. All examples are the top of head from just working with a few clients inside of the niche and these keywords are by no means are actually content that I used.

Just want to give you examples of a content strategy that you could use through giving you examples and showing you how easy it really is to come up with an actual strategy.

Final Note About What are Pillar Pages

Silo pages is helping your entire website rank and not just one page that you’re trying to rank inside of the search engines. If, you’ve ever tried ranking your web pages by itself you know it takes sometimes a lot longer with Silo Pages working together it’s a lot easier.

As I said earlier, you want to build your Pillar pages like networks and it’ll be much harder to rank your web pages by themselves. Search engines loves when your content is organized and this strategy just plain works.

Plus when you start building links it helps the entire silo and not the that pages you’re trying to rank inside of Google.

Believe in your success,

Paul Savola

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