Texas Real Estate SEO Expert | 8 ways to generate traffic to your Website

First of all I wanted to thank you for stopping by our website and exploring some of the options online on how to increase online traffic to Website. As a Texas Real Estate SEO expert, I wanted to explore some options that you could use increase online traffic to your website.

For Now:

Let’s dive into some of the strategies for driving more traffic to your website and actually making things happen for helping your Business grow.

Real Estate SEO Expert | 8 ways to generate traffic to your Website

Target Buyer Keywords and Ideas

Many Blog post on Real Estate SEO Keywords and many different strategies that for sure right. You might of read hundreds of blog post concerning this subject inside of your niche. Real Estate SEO Keywords isn’t about the finding the most searches inside of Real Estate.

But understanding the buyer intension when it comes to generating marketing leads with your real estate business! Many Tell you rank for Location + Real Estate Listing, Real Estate, Realtors.

But here to tell the focus keywords if you want to create to success with in your niche and keywords like Location + Real Estate people are only searching for homes at this point. Not even looking to looking to buy anything yet.

Keywords that are targeted depending on search:

  • Homes for sales in (Location)
  • Houses for sale (Location)
  • Condo for sale in (Location)
  • Luxury Homes for sale in (Location)
  • Realtor in (Location)
  • Finding the best realtor in (Location)
  • Real Estate agent in (Location)
  • Finding A Real Estate agent in (Location)

Those keywords have a purpose and not some genetic search like Real Estate, Real estate homes, Real estate listing. Those are just searches people are browsing and not really looking to buy when it comes to keyword research.

Real Estate SEO Keywords for video On YouTube

Take Advantage of Blogging in Texas Real Estate SEO

Creating blog post that help your audience, I see a lot post about Real Estate SEO Marketing that say create content  on your about listing. Jab, jab, right Hook, if you haven’t read that book from Gary Vee that one of my Suggestions at this moment! Teach people something and don’t just try to sell your next home of listing.

This is now a value game in 2017 and going in 2018. Value, value, value more value and then you can pitch your service or listing. Some buyer might not be ready to sell or buy a home at that time right now but further down the road!

Create that content that actually going help them in the long-run and you can never go wrong and blogging can be that foot in the door when it means collecting their email or them selling, buying their homes.

SEO for real estate

Guest Blogging | How to generate traffic online  

Guest blogging is one of those Consultant SEO tactics that takes time to generate traffic back to your website through networking with other website to create positive results. One of the best way to go inside of the Google search bar and look up “Real Estate Guest blogging,” and here’s a bigger list of quality guest posting ideas.

  • “submission guidelines”
  • “guest post guidelines”
  • “accepting guest posts”
  • “contribute an article”
  • “submit content”
  • “guest post”
  • “want to write”
  • “write for us”
  • “add a post”
  • “become a contributor”
  • “guest post by”
  • “submit your post”

Email marketing for real estate

Maybe you’ve heard before that email marketing can help build your business and help create buyers and sellers inside of Real estate. Of course their strategies to actually helping build your business inside of Email Marketing but wanted to give to you the basics when it comes to email marketing.

  1. Blogging
  2. Email Marketing software
  3. Lead Capture pages
  4. Email marketing sequence
  5. Opt-in
  6. Sales Funnels

You’ll need to give value inside of email marketing just like if you were blogging and you’ll be able send traffic to your blog posts. This will be traffic that you own and you won’t need to rely on the search engine optimization or social media to drive traffic all the time.

Learn To Link Build To Drive more Traffic

Setting Up All  basic Social Media Profiles in Real Estate

This is basic information that you’ll need to setup your social media profiles and setting them all the way. At this point not  sure if Twitter is even going be a good source but that’s an entire different subject.

Setup all the basic  Social Media Profiles

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • Twitter

While you might need all these social media profiles but only setup the one that you’re going to actually use for helping you grow your business online. Personally I use, Instagram, Google + for my Local Area Location, LinkedIn to rank your LinkedIn account and plus create content on the channel. Of Course some YouTube videos and own a few Facebook groups in the process.

Real Estate SEO: YouTube Video Marketing basics

Ranking videos can be quite easy if you’re keyword  research and finding the right keywords for your videos not everyone is trying to target. This really means finally the golden real estate seo keywords that will help you rank easily without having to put in a ton effort.

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Tags
  • Add Content in description
  • Cards
  • End Screen and annotations
  • Add Location
  • Type of Video

One of the biggest concerns is always generating more traffic to your website and finding different ways to create a flood of traffic over and over. While there are areas that I see people that struggle inside of SEO and through social media marketing.

My biggest concern is not converting the traffic that they already had because you’re call to action sucks or you’re not even telling the lead on your website to do. Now that’s a whole different conversation with converting your traffic to your website to your business or into your email list.

For now let’s talk about Instagram marketing:

Instagram Marketing For Real Estate Marketing

Right now many companies are trying to grow their following on Instagram and this social media site is how Facebook used to be in 2010. It’s the wild west of things ready to come in 2020-2025 and the best time to get on the platform is right now before the real rush hits.

Here’s some ways to drive traffic back to your website or email with Instagram marketing. While everyone know using tags like real estate, buying your first home and I’ll give you a few strategies to grow your following simple without all the technical stuff involved.

Instagram Shoutouts- This comes to say that people inside of the your industry in real estate getting shoutouts from pages that have a bigger following and interaction. This will help branding yourself inside of Instagram.

Growing your following just means more traffic and exposure to your brand…

Networking: Maybe the best way to actually get clients and think this strategy will never go away as long as people exist on planet earth. So I’m just going say introduced yourself and build relationships with people.

Groups- Now groups of people that willing to work together to generate results for their brands online is a way until people feel it’s no longer in their best interest. Maybe jealousy comes into play in some cases through some of groups and had some issues in the past through some of the groups.

But still is the best way to grow your account is threw groups.


Texas Real Estate SEO Expert | How to get website traffic   

Let’s Talk about Some real estate seo for the sure benefit to increase traffic to your website through and why you should use SEO for real estate to brand yourself inside of search engines.

I’ll talk about Link building since it’s the most important of the SEO tactics and others might say different but link building is still huge in 2017.

  • Press Releases/ PR Link
  • Expired Domains
  • Web 2.0’s
  • Guest Posting
  • Social Media Links
  • YouTube Links
  • Local Citations
  • Setting Up Social Media Sites

All these links play a big role inside of Real Estate SEO or just plain search engine optimization for your website and there’s no special strategy for a specific. Everything is the same for SEO and not one special tactic will work.

Let’s Drive into the Page structure of the actual website and will place and an image for a brief understanding of SEO marketing.

 Real Estate SEO Expert

Let’s chat a little internal Link Building through your site for you understand the basic idea of the importance of Internal linking for Real Estate SEO tips.

Now you want all links that you’ve built throughout all your pages to help each other for the best value to each one of your pages and if you want your home page to rank. You’ll want to build internal pages for the cities that you provide your services in Real Estate.

Your Pages would look similar to the image above. Using a location page to structure your expired domains through all the city pages. Then you want to build different social media sites for each page and adding PR links, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Local Citations and then some guesting posting to the formula of your SEO plan.

You also want to add a tier 2, and tier 3 inside of your SEO strategy for the best results. Adding links inside of your Social media sites and everything that you own to make them a lot stronger to make your website rank in the search engines.

The big question is Why Use an Real Estate SEO Expert

While you might have the complete strategy that I just gave away and you can go out there and completely rank your website on your own. But do you actually have the time to start buying websites and adding web 2.0s like wordpress.com, blogger and start creating websites.

Most of everyone that I know in real estate are just out their trying to sell or rent their next listing. I gather that you are the same way.

Why SEO in the first place?

I’ll give you a few reasons:

  1. People are searching the internet first
  2. In 2016 a study said over 70% of home buyers search the internet before ever talking to a realtor. Wow right!
  3. Helps you brand yourself in the searches and this is what we’re all trying to do.
  4. I’ll be giving everything that I’ve done to your website with all the reports.
  5. After I’m done you get access to websites that I’ve bought on your behalf.
  6. Third I’ll show you ranking from month to month…


Do you still need help with branding yourself online?

You have to options and the first options to getting access to our #1 SEO training where we show you exactly how to use the strategy when it comes to link building. 2nd option is going to contact form and send me a message about our services.

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