Dental Keyword Research For SEO: Ultimate Guide To Dental SEO Keywords

One of the least complicated things when it comes SEO is how to do keyword research for beginners or small business owners. I’ll be your guide when it comes to showing you how to generate keyword ideas for your Dental website.

Are You Ready…

How to do Keyword research depends on the niche with consistently finding  different methods when finding keyword research ideas  and generating ideas  for your website to rank in Google without having to Overwhelm yourself. This should be the first step when getting your website going but just in case that you jumped the gun.

Let’s get started with 3 Free Keyword research tools for small business owners and collecting those keywords for your website. Let’s get the small things out of the way first!

3 Tools that are Free SEO (Search engine optimization) for organic search for beginners 

Keyword Finder is one of those options that most people won’t ever talk about or they just use the same basic tools that every search engine optimization expert is using.  Check out the video for the walk through on keyword finder.

How To  Use Keyword Finder For researching keyword

SEM Rush is a very popular tool when it comes to finding seo keywords for your website and maybe just as popular as the Google planner overall. But this is one of those you’ll be able to create a huge list fast without having to write everything down. Watch Video and tell me your thoughts


Check Out SEM Rush Keyword Research Tool On YouTube

Google Planner is probably the  tool that everyone uses for search engine optimization but you shouldn’t limited to one keyword research tool when it comes to finding keywords. Some of the tools just won’t show you some of the results of keyword phrases that some will. Free tools are awesome but theirs such better tools when it comes to the paid options. Like SEM Rush, Keyword Finder, Long-tail pro and that’s just a few tools.


Why Google Planner is the worst idea when it comes to Finding the best organic keywords for your Website? The whole point of the Google planner for Google was always about getting people to buy advertising and not using this tool for finding the best keywords for your website. So, I decided to share with you Why You shouldn’t Use Google planner for SEO and you’ll need to focus on keyword research tools that actually are made for organic search results.

But, if You still plan on using Google Planner, you’ll need to know that Google wants you to run Ads or You’ll get only estimates of your keywords. Here’s a quick a little hack that you’ll be able to use. Run ads for 0.01 cents and you’ll never get clicks but you’ll get an exact search of your keywords inside of the Google Planner.

Check Out Video why you shouldn’t Use Google Planner for SEO!

Check out the Video for a full tutorial down Below

How To Apply Long-Tail Keywords for Beginners

One of your first steps as a beginner you should be focusing on is long-tail keywords but how to do you even research the topic, when it comes to gather information . How to gather keywords and then apply them is more important than just finding them.

Here’s Some great examples of Long-tail keywords for your website

  1. How to find long-tail keywords
  2. How to
  3. Tips
  4. Guide
  5. 7 ways______
  6. Discover
  7. Secrets to
  8. Pros and Cons
  9. Advantanges

For everyone that would rather have an awesome video on Organic keyword research and this is what I usually do. So, I put together an awesome video on Organic keyword research for your website or YouTube video that you’re to rank online. Check out the Video down Below!

How to Find long-tail keywords for your Website

Gold Mine of Keyword Research for website to Start getting more Traffic

How to Do keyword research for beginners Everyone wants to rank for the highest keywords inside of Google but are those keywords even worth the time, when it comes to keyword research for beginners. If you’re not an expert in Search engine optimization that isn’t going to work at all because the reality you’ll never rank for those keyword without an SEO Strategy.

There’s basically three types of different keywords online: Broad, medium and long-tail keywords. Inside of here I want you to focus on keywords like how to do keyword research for beginners. Maybe you’re in Health and fitness. You should find the best keywords for your website for the tutorials above and not find the biggest and broadest keywords you can find.

Focus on the long-tail keywords for better results inside for your business online and now let’s talk about collecting some ideas for your website. In the end, how to or  blogging about your niche and providing value.  Everything that we do online is all about giving more value. Look to help others first!

Best Way to start driving traffic to your website is building authority and focus on relevant keywords with Long-tail keywords that’ll help your audience in some way or another. Down Below are ideas on collecting long-tail keyword for your website without being an SEO Expert.

Collecting A List of Keywords for your Website

No matter if you’re just starting  blog or already have a website. Best time to start putting  that list together is now and generating about 30-60 keywords for the future reference. This will help you to learn to start with finding keywords for your website.

Let’s create an example with this conversation and do some dental SEO keywords inside of the process, but these keywords are broad and don’t really target locations. My broad keywords was about helping generating ideas within this blog post.

Here’s a List of Keywords that you could you analyze..

invisalign 135,000
dentist 135,000
braces 90,500
root canal 90,500
wisdom teeth 74,000
dentist near me 60,500
affordable dentures 60,500
teeth whitening 49,500
veneers 49,500
dental implants 49,500
wisdom teeth removal 49,500
lumineers 49,500
toothache 33,100
gentle dental 33,100
dentures 27,100
invisalign cost 27,100
pediatric dentist 27,100
dental 22,200
emergency dentist 18,100
wisdom teeth pain 18,100
tmj treatment 18,100
how to whiten teeth 18,100
oral surgeon 18,100
bruxism 18,100
tmj symptoms 18,100
tooth extraction 14,800
cosmetic dentistry 14,800
tooth pain 14,800
dental implant cost 12,100
dental post 12,100
best teeth whitening 12,100
impacted wisdom teeth 12,100
dentistry for children 12,100
dental plans 12,100
tooth decay 12,100
dentistry 9,900
dentists 9,900
zoom whitening 9,900
family dentistry 9,900
dental implants cost 9,900
teeth whitening products 9,900
veneers cost 9,900
porcelain veneers 9,900
toothache remedies 9,900
root canal pain 9,900
dental crown 8,100
emergency dental care 8,100
dental bridge 8,100
implants 8,100
wisdom tooth pain 8,100


Keywords are still the bread and butter when it comes to Dental SEO but the way you want to create your website first is never just spammy your way all the to the top of the search engines. Now that might of worked 5-6 years back but inside of 2017 and moving into 2018 that just won’t work anymore.

You’ll need to build authority on your website first before you ever do anything and mixing up your keywords. For a special bonus I’ll give you an anchor strategy for the next few months for bigger volume and you can use to start building those links into your site.


Some Basic keyword search terms will be down below with a pretty detailed list for you to easily gather ideas for your website. Check out List Down Below!


We’ll talk a little more about search keywords for your website and drive into LSI keywords. These LSI keywords is going get you more traffic and rank for terms that Google won’t display inside of the Google planner.

Are You Ready For this?

How To Do Keyword Research and Ranking for multiple Keyword research ideas ( LSI keywords)

First of all, what the hell are LSI keywords and especially if you’re new to Search engine optimization and How to do keyword research for beginners. So a basically LSI keywords are similar keywords for your website that you would love to rank for inside of Google.

Bottom-line these keyword search terms are long-tailed keywords

Maybe you’re not even trying to rank for keywords at all and you’re doing this  completely for  fun! Well then you’re on the wrong blog post all together.

You still here, good…

That means  you’re meant to actually be on this post for how to research keywords for SEO.  I’ll be actually putting the video down below here: Watch the video.

But for people that don’t want to watch the video.

Here’s a plan you can follow:

  1. Search for LSI Keyword generator
  2. It should be the first listing ( Click on that)
  3. Type in your Keywords and you’ll get a list of keywords that you’ll be able to use

That’s it but here’s the video for the LSI Keywords Generator:


LSI Keyword Research Generator for your Keywords

How to Use Anchor Text Properly: 6 month Link Building Strategy

Want an Anchor text strategy that you can use without looking like a spammer without looking like you’re trying to rank your website for the search engines. You want to look as natural as possible without looking like you’re trying to fool Google or any other search engine.

Month 1 Anchor text :

No matter how links you build or what kind of links you build you’re going want to build most brand links inside of your anchor. I’ll show you an example in a minute but for now let use for the sole purpose of this example.

If the example is someone website, this was only meant to be an example and I didn’t look at your website or any anchor on creating this last part.

We’ll say that you build 25 links in the first month:

  1. 8 Link percentage .32%
  2. Crazy Back packs-7 Link percentage .28%
  3. (Owner Name)-7 Link percentage .28%
  4. Exact Keyword-1 Link percentage.04
  5. Long-tail Keyword-1 Link percentage .04
  6. Long-tail keyword-1 link percentage .04


While this won’t be rank your Brand in Google in the first month by no means but it’ll start building authority and trust in Google eyes without  looking like a spam monster. Plus you’ll be keeping yourself away from over optimized anchor text and even if you spam your keyword inside of the content. You’ll still be keeping yourself pretty safe overall.

Month 2 Anchor Text:

Inside of month two we’ve going amp of the strategy with building more links inside of our page and you’ll say we get really aggressive and build 100 links with guesting posting, web 2.0s and safe white links to build massive amounts of trust and authority. Plus we throw in some news sites and citations for the actual site.

Now 100 Links seems like a lot but if you’re doing an SEO campaign this is simple:

News sites, citations, guesting posting, broken link building, and web 2.0s

The Anchor text strategy month 2

  1. 20
  2. com-25
  3. Crazy Back packs-7 Link percentage-20
  4. (Owner Name)-7 Link percentage-20
  5. Exact Keyword-1 Link percentage-5
  6. Long-tail Keyword-1 Link percentage-5
  7. Long-tail keyword-1 link percentage-5

Our Totals for the for first two months look like this: Total of 125 links build up to this point

  1. -28 Link percentage .23%
  2. com/ 25 Link percentage .20%
  3. (Owner Name)- 27 Link percentage .21%
  4. Crazy Back Packs-27 Link percentage .21%
  5. Exact Keyword-6 Link percentage .048%
  6. Long-tail keyword-6 Link percentage .048%
  7. Long-tail keyword-6 Link percentage .048%


Month 3 you can go kind of crazy but don’t overdue it or you could get hit by a Google slap with being to aggressive with your anchor text. This month we’ll adding other keywords like: Visit our website, Buy Back packs near me, More info, Click to Learn more.

Plus we’ll still build the 100 links with this guest posting, broken link building, citations and web 2.0s and plus my secret of building authority inside of my site. Which if you I’ll share in a later post.

Month 3: Anchor text strategy 100 links for this month for Anchor text

  1. Crazy back Packs-15
  3. com-15
  4. Click here -9
  5. Buy Back packs near me-7
  6. Best back Packs near me-7
  7. Visit website-7
  8. Exact keyword-5
  9. Long-tail keyword-5
  10. Long-tail keyword-5
  11. Long-tail keyword-10


So, first were at 225 links built in 3 months and trying to look natural. Understand this is a very aggressive strategy when it comes to link building. My suggestion is 15-35 for the first couple months. I’m show you this way to give you a better examples of the anchor.

Plus we added a few new keywords and one new long-tail keyword

  1. – 43 Link percentage 19%
  2. com-40 Link percentage 17%
  3. Crazy Back packs-42 Link percentage 18%
  4. (Owner name)-20 Link percentage .09%
  5. Click here-9 Link percentage .04%
  6. Buy back packs near me-7 Link percentage .03%
  7. Best Back packs near me-7 Link percentage .03%
  8. Visit website-7 Link percentage .03%
  9. Exact keyword-11 Link percentage .049%
  10. Long-tail keyword-11 Link percentage 049%
  11. Long-tail keyword-11 Link percentage 049%
  12. New Long-tail keyword-10 Link percentage 045%

Anything under 1% anchor text won’t even show up inside of the anchor text inside of majestic or any other tool at that matter. Month 4 we can get kind of aggressive with anchor text without feeling like were going back our website.

Plus our exact keywords might be a little over one percent but  website, branded name and owner will show up inside of our anchor text.

If we started on page 10 we should be on page 2 near the top or page page 1 by now, so 13, 14 should be a reasonable figure with getting to the top of the serps. Plus we’ve build a huge amount of authority and this start to rank all of our other pages as well. This really needs on your niche and competition on your position you’ll rank for.

Plus our blog posts.

Anchor text strategy: Month 4 and building trust & Authority, plus building another 100 links to the page for growing our brand. So we’ve built 325 links in the matter of 4 months. As I said earlier this is a lot links to build in such a short time. If I was building this many links, I would be spreading them out throughout the entire website.

  1. – 15
  2. com-15
  3. Crazy Back packs-15
  4. (Owner name)-10
  5. Exact keyword-15
  6. Long-tail keyword-15
  7. Long-tail keyword-15


Now here’s our update with the Anchor and plus getting a little aggressive with our keywords..


  1. – 58 Link percentage 18%
  2. com-55 Link percentage 17%
  3. Crazy Back packs-57 Link percentage 17%
  4. (Owner name)-30Link percentage .09%
  5. Click here-9 Link percentage .028%
  6. Buy back packs near me-7 Link percentage .021%
  7. Best Back packs near me-7 Link percentage .021%
  8. Visit website-7 Link percentage .021%
  9. Exact keyword26 Link percentage .08%
  10. Long-tail keyword-26 Link percentage.08%
  11. Long-tail keyword-26 Link percentage .08%
  12. New Long-tail keyword-10 Link percentage .03%

By this time, you should have people linking to you and now seo seems to be a lot easier since people are linking to you without putting in all the effort. Because we’ve built the brand inside of the search engines to attract people that would love our stuff and now they naturally link to our content.

Most the keywords won’t even be seen inside of the majestic at besides the top 3 anchor text and we can still go a little more aggressive with our exact keyword strategy for the next 2 months.

Plus we won’t have to build as many links because people are linking to us! Over the last 2 month we would only building like 25 links. Just like we did in the first month but this is of course just an example.

Not a real life situation and the way I do is through building 10-20 links. Then wait a few weeks to actually analyze to see the results.


So, I’m not going go into the last few months by this point you should be on page 1 and the results are going differ from building our overall brand and domain.

Thank you for stopping for SEO (Search engine optimization) for organic search for beginners and will be adding my email List here shortly for you’ll be able to receive all the updates.

Do you want to Learn How to start promoting your blog or product, services pages without having to always be on social media all day. I know the feeling when it comes to social media and feels like more than A headache than you ever need to deal with.

Until Next Time,

Paul Savola

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      maybe a few things to consider. 1 how much traffic is that keyword actually getting inside of Google or any other search engine for traffic. 2nd what position are you currently ranking for inside of Google and that will depend on the traffic your receiving from that keyword. If no traffic or traffic is like 10 searches per month you won’t get a lot leads or traffic coming into your website. Hopefully that helps!

      Just took a look at your inside of SEM Rush and those keywords aren’t going bring in no traffic to your site.

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