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Have you ever thought about using Lead friend to actually grow your brand inside of Instagram and underneath the hood it seems like a great deal. But the better news is that you could actually grow a business without ever having to have your own product or service. Then make an extra income on Instagram with just promoting the link to others and start building something that’s truly yours.

Here’s a way to check your quality score before you join lead friend  @ http://socialblade.com/

Theirs a few reasons most people actually use Leadfriend:

  1. One they want to help grow their brand through using software and like I said inside of Instagram course. The Dm message is very generic when it comes to messaging and wanting to grow your following is going take some time.
  2. Secondly, most people get involved into this company for affiliate marketing section with getting other people to join the opportunity. Seems Like a great deal to get paid if you’re a good recruiter and the pay is recurring at: $25, $45, and $65 depending on the package.
  3. Reason I joined was completely different and my sole reason was only to use the Dm but as I said it was kind of generic and it’s never the way I intended to use the software. For me it was about the Dm but for $57 per month but still see growth in that area!

But wait…

Why Leadfriend the Best solution for Automation Software

There are a lot different reasons why but I’ll give you my top three reasons why it’s hard to grow your brand inside of this type of software or the system most people are using to grow. Many were told the only way in 2017 and heading in 2018 it’s the only way to grow your brand online!

Here’s my top 3 reasons you’ll need a Little bit of Help grow your account

  1. First you need to test this software for yourself and plus you can  join the affiliate program to just earning an extra income online. Not say this will be you’re only to make money online but this would be a good start.
  2. Secondly this will grow your following without having to engage with other accounts without to steadily having to be on Instagram on a daily basis.
  3. One of the best solutions that I found is that you’ll be able to automate your DM message from a new follow. But not everyone will be your client or want to buy your stuff from you and this is why you continue to give value!

I thought that was rather funny! It’s why my wife don’t get on social media because I do talk to women because we both in business. She’s just a jealous type but she doesn’t even bother to check on me and things run smoothly for me.

Anyway let’s get back to Leadfriend review…

Why I quit using them in the first place

As October 20, I won’t be using lead friend no more and I have reasons why and nothing against the company owner Chris. He really tries to help people inside of this adventure with their affiliate marketing he’s created.

Here’s Why I decided to Stay with Lead Friend

How to Increase Instagram Following

  1. One it’s been hard the last few months with growing my account and the only way it looks like is getting shoutouts plus it takes too long for my account to actually grow and though Lead friend was using a different method besides like, comment, Follow. You can do that manually without having someone do it for you and so I decided to use service to help grow my account.
  2. You’ll be able to be hands free and since I have other things to do besides being on Instagram all day. I still have clients in coaching and seo clients to attend to
  3. Anything that doesn’t create ROI for me it’s just cost and not an investment. Why SEO for has become one of biggest investments but this has created ROI for time after time.
  4. Lastly what they’re doing I could hire someone for another extra $20 at about $100 per month and they’ll do everything I need to them to do. While I have outsourced this in the pasted still have found that one Instagram Marketer that could show me the results that I like.

While in the end the to use them or not to use them is your decision and While I gave you suggestions. You might take the suggestions to heart and if you’re real business you should not use this software at all and it makes you look spammy to your possible clients.

But Down below are some resources to helping you grow Instagram account manually without using these software and some real tactics that you can actually  use to grow your brand on Instagram.

How to actually grow your Brand manually on Instagram

Here’s some other blog post I’ve written to manually grow your instagram following  and there’s always a video included for my non-readers. I don’t like to read blog post either…

9 ways to Drive traffic with Instagram

How to Increase Instagram Followers manually

How to Grow your Instagram Account manually

10 Questions to Ask Instagram management Service Provider

Here’s Some of the Package Inside Lead Friend

lead friend packages that you can start with growth with lead friend

Pricing for lead friend and You’ll Be able to cancel at any time

VIP Package  

  • Billed Monthly
  • Up to 5 Instagram Accounts
  • Growth 10x
  • Bonus Engagement boost
  • Direct messaging
  • Advanced follow / unfollow
  • Advanced Liking / Commenting
  • Affiliate program

Biz package

  • Up to 2 accounts
  • 10x growth
  • Direct messaging
  • Advanced follow / unfollow
  • Advanced Liking / Commenting
  • Affiliate program

MVP package

  • 1 accounts
  • 5x growth
  • Direct messaging
  • Advanced follow / unfollow
  • Advanced Liking / Commenting
  • Affiliate program

 Basic package 1 account

  • 3x growth
  • Advanced follow / unfollow
  • Advanced Liking / Commenting
  • Affiliate program

My personal Experience with Lead Friend

While using leadfriend I wanted to share my own experience using their system and while my following did grow. That’s not to say that didn’t happen!

But most of us are trying to land on the explorer and on the top posts. Using their system in my experience won’t make this happen for your business at all. Lots of people talk down on the system but here’s what I recommend if you do plan on using their system.

First want to point out that I’m no longer affiliated with them at all. If you plan on using their system you should consider Instagram is trying to get rid of all types of systems.

Secondly, you should only use their DM, auto comments, and maybe likes but I wanted to share my course to show exactly I’ve done without using all these automation systems.

This is step by step Training to actually grow and plus create engagement on every single post manually and nothing but pure value inside of the content.

Check it out down Below and get Started Today!

Learn from a top SEO how to rank your website and get started with Lead Friend review today Paul Savola

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