10 Questions to Ask Instagram management Service Provider

Many of us are trying to create a presence on Instagram and still a really new Social Media platform and maybe you’re thinking about hiring an Instagram Management Service. While their might be some great Instagram management agency out there. You must understand what their actually doing before hiring their type of Instagram management agencies.

  1. How long have they been on Instagram– This might seem pretty obvious but looking at someone profile at 100k and their making promises that they’ve haven’t accomplished themselves might seem a little fishy to me. You might want to look into their profile to see what they’re doing. While there are many ways to achieve success on Instagram without posting every single day but someone that has a big following like 200k and no engagement this might be a sign they might have bought followers!
  2. Are they On Instagram Themselves– You’ll find many of these so called experts are even on Instagram at or hiding their profiles. I would search their brand or if their using the type of strategies their even talking about! I’ve looked or many people that just talk on their blog post to see if these people are for real real or not and many just talk. Our Business profile on Instagram is Two Fisted Domination you check us out if you think we’re full of crap or not!
  3. Guaranteed Results in Followers and Engagement– This is something that can be guaranteed with about nothing being said. This is the section that takes a little bit of time and depending on a few strategies their currently doing to create more engagement on your profile.
  4. Sending DM messages– Many people try to set up auto-direct messages and act they’re actually doing something amazing. But the reality is that they’re just paying a 3rd partying to send the automated Dm’s. While if they’ve got a huge this can be done manually.This really something that you should do manually in the beginning to actually get to know people!
  5. Guaranteed Sales– One of the biggest scams unless their advertising, because organic social media takes a lot trust building with the actual audience. Nothing will happen overnight and this goes through a process. Our team finally launch an Instagram course after 8 months and did well. One because we’ve built that trust factor with our audience. There is one way that something I go in further detail inside of my Course and that’s a whole another blog post itself to go through the entire Instagram strategy!
  6. Defining Hashtags– This is something you must know about your own audience before looking into before hiring an Instagram Management service. This is the part that going help you grow your Instagram. You’ll need to know your own market of the results that you want to require before hiring an agency to take over your account!
  7. Define Target Market– If you ask me, this is pretty much the same as defining your target market or are they randomly going to just follow people outside of people that you would never follow inside of your market or buy your products. Let’s say your audience is people interested in sports because you sell sports jerseys, hats etc and why would target someone in real estate that don’t like sports. Something to think about!
  8. Will They Be Using Ads– No one really buys just from just stopping by the first time or even launching products. Now Instagram ads in our Experience only works with creating an opt-in with sending them to Free offer. This factor will depend on a few factors, your front-end free, what you’re pitching and how many people actually trust you on Instagram with your target audience. This comes over building long-term value inside of your audience!
  9. Email Marketing– This is the part of how they figure to collect emails or will they be sending traffic to your website. In the end, you want to be able to control your traffic but you still can retarget them using doing a few things inside of Facebook. That’s if you truly want to go down route. Email Marketing will guarantee that people are interesting in what you’re selling inside of your niche! Getting interested in what you have to offer the marketplace!
  10. Retargeting Prospects On Facebook.com– Retargeting pixel is just another subject but making sure that your Instagram marketing agency will put this in place for you  is going to be the key when it comes to advertising your business on Instagram. Here’s just a few question when it comes Instagram management Service.

While theirs many more questions that you could possible ask for your Instagram Management agency of the strategies they’ll use. Some even use bots for creating engagement when it comes your profile and that’s not going help you at to increase your engagement or grow your instagram account effectively!

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