Online marketing Coaching Program & Internet Marketing SEO Mentorship

High Google Rankings

Time to Quit playing the guessing playing the guessing games to games when it comes to getting traffic.

5 Copywriting Principles

You’ll Learn 5 principles of copywriting in the beginning of my coaching and this is the core of all marketing online.

Step By step SEO Coaching

Step by step hand holding and making sure that you completely understand this section for you’ll actually achieve results.

Blogging by itself is just not good strategy anymore.

Why many might call themselves an Online Marketing coach and I clarify myself as Mentor because I hold people by the hand and making sure you get in the entire process. While many are successful in blogging and that because they learned a few skills down the road of their own success!

Online Marketing Coaching  Programs Suck My Ass

Online Marketing coaching Programs for beginners trying to learn search engine optimizationHave you ever attended any of these on online marketing programs and they tell you you’ll get results  right way inside of your business. Then, only to see nothing but no traffic with the strategy their teaching and worse these pure white SEO’s saying you should blog 7 days a week.

Are you fucking serious, who has time to be blogging that much during the week. I have a family to attend to and don’t have the time to be writing all day and night.

Do you agree?

Would you rather be doing other things that you know that work for you create a little bit of automation when it comes to your business. Blogging for me wasn’t never part Internet marketing coaching program.

I’ve attended a lot of Internet marketing coaching and they sit back. Then, just take your money for fun, while they sit on the beach or at their home and do nothing at all.

But Here’s why my Online marketing mentorship program is Different…

Step By Step Online Marketing  Coaching Training | Mentorship

  1. I don’t really do groups cessions unless I’m going live inside of the main group and one question was asked over and over.
  2. This is step by step training mentorship and hold by the hand. Making sure that you’ll gain knowledge from my internet marketing mentorship program.
  3. I teach SEO, Copy writing, Instagram, email marketing and those are my focuses in the end.
  4. I send you videos on what we’ll be covering.
  5. The ability to ask questions in the personal coaching session
  6. The ability to respond and ask question inside of FB messenger
  7. You’ll receive a few other extras while I build these programs
  8. I do teach blogging, just in a different way than most of the bloggers are teaching you just to post on your blog online. What a Joke?


Let Me Tell you My Story before becoming an Online Marketing Coach | SEO Mentor


Most of these of online coaches are full of shit, if you ask me! But here’s a little back story of my own and currently do Dental SEO for clients right on this website.

So How Did I even get to the point…

I’m not going take up a lot of your time on this section about my back story but you can check out my About Section for more information on me. But I started inside of MLM or Multi-Level marketing and realized it just wasn’t for me.

This is while I was learning search engine optimization to start my own business and not having worry about someone taking a piece of my pie.

This year, I decided to do something completely to new to me and that was teaching people how to do SEO for themselves. This while I still have clients for search engine optimization and show my students how to apply the strategies for themselves.

Why Even Use My Internet Marketing Coaching Services?

While there are many reasons to find another internet marketing mentorship program for yourself and there’s lot of options these days. Unlike the day, when I started and learned from failing to see what’s exactly learning inside of Search engine optimization!

That was the worst…

Online Marketing Coaching Training for your websiteBecause I spent two years inside of the failing process just to figure out that one section in my own business and before I rebranded my brand to Two Fisted Domination. I just don’t want you got through that grueling process of learning online marketing.

I went from online marketing coach to online coach and spending money from every program that I could possibly find online. Until I ran into a few of my mentors that taught me the basics and all the advanced stuff I needed to know about SEO.

Brings us to the question, why You pay for my Online marketing Coaching program?

This should be your question right now!

Maybe you’re not ready to hire an Online business coach yet and want to little more time to fail until you come back to my website. Okay that’s every understandable!

Here’s 5 Reasons to Take Action on My Online Marketing Coaching Program

  1. I’ve been through all the loops of testing and still test all these strategies these blogger be talking about.
  2. I don’t just teach blogging but teach blogging with a purpose. Which means blogging combined with search engine optimization.
  3. I never teach strategies that I don’t use and don’t teach the hope and pray strategy. Which is blog and throw it on social media and maybe someone will click on my content. That’s the worst strategy ever, if you asked me!
  4. You might be failing right now, just like did in my first 2 years and that completely sucks. I know the feeling of nothing is working and seem like this might be the last resort to your success. I want to give you a step by step process that you can use every single time to rank your pages. Plus build that authority inside of your website.
  5. Lastly, you won’t have to play the guessing game, when it comes to ranking or how to even get started. It’s about having that plan to become success.

Are you Ready to Take action and start to learn to build your business online through search engine optimization. Let’s start by driving traffic to your website for you’ll have the ability to grab your customers attention…














Time To Take that next step towards your Business and learn what work inside of the Search Engines (SEO).