Prediction 2020-2025: Direct Marketing is Dead & Completely Dead

You think Direct marketing is still alive in 2017 May 18 and of course at this time it’s alive but holding to the little grip it has on the marketing world. Back in 2011 while, I was going to school for my MBA I had taken a course on dinosaur marketing or Direct marketing promotions.

Of course me and my  professor got into an argument about why the direct marketing is dead and why I thought this. Then, the professor almost failed me because of the what I said!

My professor wanted data and I told me just look around you. Facebook at the time was really growing and people were really started to use it as a Marketing platform at the time. He told I was crazy about that too.

Now look many people are using Facebook ads to promote their businesses like crazy. Instagram was really heard of that time, well at least for me.

Look into the future…


Why Direct Marketing is dead

Look around everything that going on through online marketing and I’m no guru by far but I see what’s truly going on. Just like when I started going to school for web design and seen the future of that with CMS platforms like WordPress.

Building websites from scratch was an dying art and CMS platforms completely took over the scene when it came to building websites.

Only little less than 30% of businesses are using old dinosaur tactics for their business marketing promotions. What does that mean radio, billboards, direct mail is going go completely away by 2025.

Now there will be some people that still try to use that tactic but you’ll need to have copywriting writing skills, plus targeting your write consumers.

Direct marketing is more of the Shotgun approach where you send it out everywhere and you’re not really targeting anymore. Back in the day this worked well, but now since theirs online marketing for promoting businesses.

Plus reviews and online marketing has become a bigger investment. Many have already jumped on board because they see what’s truly going on.


How to Prepare when Direct Marketing is Dead?

So there’s actually two methods to all this madness I’m talking about by 2020-2025 before the fall of direct marketing dinosaur tactics. First you must be willing to change for your business before this isn’t our grandfathers marketing strategies.

Eventually we all knew this was going die eventually…

Tactic 1: Hiring different consultants for different fields

Hiring all these types of people for your business is going get a little costly but you’ll need every single one of these consultants for your business to be productive online. So, here’s the type of consultant’s that you’ll need in the future of your business or you can hire in house marketers of course.

  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO or ranking things in Search engines
  • Copywriting
  • Video Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • Apps

Most people that are starting out you can grab these people for about 1k-3k per month depending on their experience of course. If you decide to do nothing else, I would suggest hire a copy writer than can do send out email marketing campaigns and someone that good at building an email list for your business.

Which would Include: capture page / opt-in free offer: Then sending a sequence of emails getting people back into your store for you’ll be able to create an ROI for your business.

Tactic 2 Learn Everything on Your Own

I’ve learned a few things over the past few years, which would include: copy writing, SEO, email marketing which is really the only pieces that you’ll need for the slow business growth.

Fast business growth includes: Creating ads, opt-in, email marketing and copywriting…

Now if you set out and start today you’ll be an expert in maybe 3 years or so. Give or take on how bad that you truly want to be successful online.


Here’s the first skill that you should learn first:

Copywriting / email Marketing- Learning to sell through words is proably thee most important tactic that you ever learn. Even if it’s through blogging and seo for driving traffic to your offer.

Can’t really teach much about copywriting besides their 5 parts to copywriting: Introduction, story, content, transition  and then of course the pitch or offer.

Second is learning promotion tactics through Social media: ie Instagram Marketing  / Facebook advertising

Why these two you ask…

One advertising cost on Facebook per click is a lot cheaper than Google. You’ll need to learn how to setup add and using segment targeting. Plus learning about remarketing…

Now all that’s interesting right…

Do you even know where to start when it comes to marketing online or interaction marketing. So, I released this Free ebook a few days and got tons of emails on how to grow your following on Instagram organically.

How to build your Brand on Instagram without Using Automation Software or Hiring an Instagram Expert?


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