Instagram Automated Software Review

Since there’s a lot talk about Instagram Automated software these days, I decided to give you a few that we used over the last few months and tell you my beliefs behind all these systems. Most of the Instagram automated software all has about 3 things in common.

3 benefits of Instagram Automated Software

  • Direct Message automation-these features will automatically DM people inside of Instagram for you but using the same message could get your account banned in the process.
  • Likes and Comments
  • Follow and Unfollow

#1 Myth about Instagram Automated Software

Just about everyone will tell that you can buy the biggest package inside of this Instagram automation software and sit back. Then, you’ll see all the sales or email subscriptions start pouring into your account. You want to leave it up to chance with something in that Nature, I’m too much of a hustler to sit back and wait for something to work like.

You’ll need to learn to connect with people online and you’ll consistent need to comment, like on others people profile and on yours as well.

The myth is in reality that you won’t need to do any of the work. Biggest lie, if you want to hope and pray good luck. But now let’s talk about 3 of many that I’ve used since releasing this blog post.

Influxsocial Review

Influx is no longer able to provide service at this time per Instagram’s request. We are working with Instagram to redefine our service. However, our timeline for Influx returning is currently undefined, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

This is the exact message that you’ll receive after coming to the website. But I was referred by someone and eventually went under. The reason is simple people start using this software to quickly grow their accounts with ever posting any new connect on their profile.

In addition, they were doing something that Instagram didn’t agree with and hurt a lot accounts because of their software. I only used the $10 version and they did a lot spamming things. Even, if they offer something new I’ll never use their account.

Before the next two I’ll started using something and tried a few others to see the difference. My current software built my account from 1900 all to 4500. But I’ll talk about that later!

Morfix Review

The version I was using was $34 dollars a month and seemed like a great deal. Now, you have a completely new account I suggest using them first to grow your account a little bit and start generating a little bit of a following, likes comments.

For people that already have 1k-10k following and want more engagement on their profiles. This isn’t the software to use and one because you’re trying to grow your engagement and getting more email subscribers on Instagram.

For growing your list this isn’t the Instagram automated software that I would even recommend you using, if you’re truly serious about growing your account on Instagram.

Features you receive for $34

  • DM
  • Like & Comment
  • Follow and Unfollow


Lead Friend Review

Let’s chat for a moment about Leadfriend and give you my honest review about the software and since I used the software that I’m currently using, I would never go back. I paid $97 for:

Features that I received with the Software

  • DM
  • Twitter
  • 2 Instagram accounts
  • Comment and Like
  • Follow and Unfollow

I used the 10 day free trial on this Instagram Automated software. Want to tell you about my experience and was referred by someone and here’s the video that you check about the software about Leadfriend review.

This includes there experience with the software.


Let me talk about my experience. Through the free trial, I didn’t see much of the results that I wanted and my account didn’t grow that much. In the 10 days I used the software it grew 200 people in the 5 five days and that might seem awesome.

So, I ran test with not commenting, liking or even posting one single piece of content on one of pages to see if I would see the results like the first five days. I believe in the next five days I received about 100 new following but the lack of engagement was killing my account.

Through the test with barely any results to show that my account was growing I quit using the software and almost decided if I should use any software at.

Why Engagement matters for your Instagram Account

Not going take about the technical stuff behind of the scenes of Social Media: a.k.a Instagram and the benefits of showing up inside of the top of searches are looking for. Think of Instagram like Google search results, I meaning more the SEO side of things inside of Google and not SEM.

More people that find your page, the more people follow and eventually subscribe to your email list or even just visit your website.

Instagram engagement is important for one reason only and that includes comments and likes. Only reason is simple would receive most of the following and engagement to help boost your account and grow your follow.

In the end, it’s about building your brand your authority, getting people to like and trust you as a person or personal brand.

I’m giving away my secret in building a 4k following at the time of writing this and I accomplish this in less than 2 months of working with this particular software. We’ll be giving you a couple free bonus as subscriber.

First bonus: Show you the exact software that I’m using to actually grow my account and this includes engagement on your account.

Second: Bonus: all you need to about SEO and give you vital information what it takes to rank your website through case studies and show you exactly what we’re doing to rank in the Google, Bing, Yahoo to generate more leads.

Third Bonus: the second email you’ll receive a webinar invite to show exactly all the tactics for helping you build your brand on Instagram.


Get Exclusive software that I currently Use right now and that consistently grow my account 1500 new Followers a month and the time of this blog post, I’m actually 4300 a month. Signup to our Weekly Newsletter about Instagram and I’ll give the exact software that I’m using.

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