Free SEO Course For beginner trying to Learn To Rank their website.

Welcome to this 5-Part Free SEO course presented by Paul Savola . We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the video below. Putting into this into action you'll start to learn SEO and how to use it correctly!

VIDEO #1. Research Process for your Website!

In this video, you'll discover the steps to on how to create a website structure and what you need to follow every time!

VIDEO #2. Keyword research for Business Owners

In this video, you'll discover exactly the steps you'll need to take to create a list of keywords and some free tools that you can use right now! 

VIDEO #3. What is Anchor text and An strategy you can use!

In this video, you'll Learn what anchor text is and how to use it properly for your website. To start ranking your website without looking spammy!

VIDEO #4. On Page SEO Anyone Can Do!

In this video, you'll discover the steps of doing some on page seo and this is the just the first half SEO. Not saying it's not important but just a piece of what makes this work!

VIDEO #5. How To Build your First Link

In this video, you'll discoverthe exact five pieces with off page SEO that I focus on. Not else but these exact five steps when I want to rank a new page!

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