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More Dental leads

More leads to through to your business through Dentists SEO and generating the best dental marketing leads.

More Mobile Traffic

Being mobile friendly is more in important going into 2018 since more than 60% of user our on smart phones.

Boost Google rankings

Ranking in Google in your Local area gives you the authority on Google through Local dental businesses and helps build your brand.

This isn’t one of your normal web pages about Dental SEO or marketing How we tell you just buy our SEO services  because were awesome. So our founders decided to do something different than just buy my stuff because we rank out rank everyone on the planet.

Understand that SEO is SEO no matter the type of Niche

Traffic is no good if you’re not doing anything with the traffic to your website. So we decided to give you something that you’ll be able to use inside of dental marketing to attract the right customers through your Dental website.


5 strategies for Dental Online Marketing strategies

  1. Target Local keywords
  2. YouTube Local Videos
  3. Instagram marketing
  4. Become Mobile Friendly
  5. SEO Campaigns

Target Local keywords in Dental


Are you struggling finding leads online without knowing how to do Dental SEO or finding an expert that does dentist seo. maybe you just want to learn on how to do seo for your website


Sixty-nine percent of buyers begin their research with a local keyword phrase, like “Glendale dentists.”

Most dentist in  service multiple cities and regions. However, when you start your website, focus on the main city you do business in first. From there, build out silos that target other areas.

I’ll get into silos in a different from a different web page and formally on a blog post, Silos are a great way to pass link juice through your entire website.

Optimize your website for search terms such as:

  • [City] Dental
  • [City] Dentists
  • Dentist in [City]
  • Dental [City]

Let’s let give you a couple tools that you’ll be able to use right now to find some of the keywords that you could target inside of Dental SEO for your website.

I mean really there is endless possibilities for attracting clients with keywords in search engines. But for now let’s chat about YouTube Marketing.

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YouTube Marketing for local Dentist  

YouTube marketing is one of those untapped resources that most or any Dentists rarely use in their marketing efforts to gain exposure to their business. Since most of you probably have an email list or regular incoming clients that you take one at least once a year.

This is strategy that you could use and maybe offer them discount of some kind for them sharing, like, watching the video and hopefully you’ve created an awesome video for people to come back.

Just a short little 60 second video for people looking at your brand and plus always including the logo or website inside of the video. First 15 second at least and your title should include your number inside of the video.

One most people just need a cleaning or tooth pulled and don’t want to bother looking for the information about your dental practice.

  1. 60 second video
  2. Call to action in first 0-15 seconds
  3. Title must include phone number
  4. Brief description of the video
  5. Add tags
  6. Thumbnail for video

Instagram Marketing for Dental Practices

Sad to say but clean teeth or bad teeth on Instagram isn’t the most sexy thing on earth and people that are in dental are displaying teeth and bad teeth. How many people you think actually care about teeth like you do.

Not many so there are three basic accounts on Instagram and maybe you could use one of the accounts to attract your Target audience. I’m actually going be tested something with motivation with Dental Marketing in a few days.

Your 3 basic accounts are:

  1. Motivation
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Fitness

Everywhere you go with Instagram marketing except for a few exceptions you’ll find those are the top pages.

Mobile Friendly Websites on Search Engines

This one of the most important strategies when it comes to search engine optimization because not a lot dental websites are even practicing this. Look at some of the numbers when it comes to mobile friendly websites and why you should be using a mobile friendly website.

  1. Mobile friendly dominate over Desktop
  2. 66% of users are on their smart phones
  3. It’s no longer just the younger generations on the smart phones

To be honest I’ll only do a few things on desktop and that’s Photoshop and editing Web pages in WordPress. All my main searches come from my mobile phone. I would even say 90% of my search come from my phone.

Your potential clients are using Google and other search engines by using their phones. By the year 2020-2025 if you’re business isn’t on the internet you mind as well say bye, bye business. So,  mobile friendly websites are going play a more important role in the future.

Don’t want to scare for the future but it’ll happen and many people will be trying to save their local business. Then, it might be too late.


Anyhow let talk a simple SEO strategy that you could use right now and I’ll give you the list of the basics to get you started.

 SEO Services Campaign Checklist

  1. Build website
  2. Keyword research
  3. On page SEO- adding images, videos and content
  4. Target Locations
  5. Internal Linking within website
  6. Build social media channels for each web page
  7. Build foundations links throughout your main pages
  8. Create new blog posts at least once a month for ranking them in search engines and internal linking
  9. Submit Press releases at least once month on different pages
  10. Guest posting
  11. Adding broken link building to your strategy
  12. YouTube links back to your website
  13. Create Google plus page for each location
  14. Adding Citations for the web page
  15. No you don’t really need to link out to information page


Paul Savola is an Dental SEO Expert that helps generate the best leads inside of Dental SEO Markeitng. It's never about just getting traffic it's about producing a profit that helps your grow your business every single month.That right there is pretty much everything that you would ever need to rank your website but putting everything together is one of the biggest tasks. Not sure how much time that you have to create an SEO and Social media campaigns.

But I’ve put in the work to make sure our clients in Dental will get on top of the Google and attract the best leads to their websites in their Local Area.

What’s the next step with dentist SEO, well one our first is sending us an email with a few things. First thing is Dentist name and the website that you have branded yourself on.

This gives us the option of giving you an audit before you ever talk about the price it’ll cost you every month until we rank you in the top 3 spots.

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