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Our Website helps with search engine optimization educational Tips and hints for helping your website perform a little better inside of the search engines and suggestions on Instagram & SEO for helping you delivery a complete Marketing Strategy for your business.

We actually do Instagram Marketing Service, Local SEO Consulting and Global SEO consulting for big and small businesses helping them get more exposure to your brand online. Try Out our free basic SEO course for you getting started with learning the basics.


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Search Engine optimization starts with the website first and creating a plan on to construct the entire building process. Back in the day you could get away from just building a website and people would come to visit. The competition is so competitive anymore you’ll need to hire an Local SEO Consultant agency.

Having proper site architecture is vital to your online presence within Google, Bing, or any other search engine at that mater to attract your ideal customers. Simply designing the best website money can buy isn’t going to be enough anymore.

Back in 1997 that would of been enough to attract and beat out your competition but in 2017 and 20 years later. That’s simply going make you invisible when it comes to website and you’ll go out of business quickly without a digital marketing strategy.


Paul Savola Crazy Story With SEO Real Quick

Just like everyone inside of Search engine optimization, I started with a simple strategy called Blog comments. At the time, those were a dead end SEO strategy but didn’t know any better and tested this for a while. That made my old website look like spam.

But in the end, that strategy was bust…

Actually failed with SEO for a while and took me about 2years to figure out the real strategy with ranking websites in Google. Jumped from coach to coach, online courses and everything I got my hands on.

In the end, nothing showed proven results until this…

I actually combined all the search engine optimization strategies together to make a complete strategy that works over and over every single time. Which you’ll never a get Google penalty and your website will always rank highly in Search engines.


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SEO Marketing consultant looking for Local SEO Consultant ( Search engine optimization) for their busienss online

What is Local SEO Consulting (Search Engine optimization)

Search engine optimization is the ability to rank your website in Local SEO Searches and through global marketing. While both are done exactly the same it comes down to spy on your competition and understanding keywords for your website to gain exposure the best result for your website.

Local SEO Consultants are targeting certain locations for getting better results for smaller businesses like: Dental SEO, doctors, roofer are just a few examples when it comes to local SEO Marketing coaching .

Global SEO is more of broad search with higher search volume and generate more traffic and a good example would be real estate. Since a lot people are inside of the real estate niche. Now if you’re located in Arizona, Las Vegas and Texas in Certain areas.

Your best advantage would be hiring an Local SEO Consulting agency for the purpose of ranking your website.

What Are pillar, Cluster, Silos Pages

Now times change and people call silos different names and I’ll keep to the word silo pages because pillars is the new term. But there actually the same exact thing when it comes to internal linking on your website. Internal linking is what helps your entire website build trust and authority on the actual website. This is part of the On Page SEO or pieces of your website on your website that you would include an actual strategy to help your entire website to create authority.

Silos in more in depth is a certain way that you structure your website with pages and blog post to help your website rank inside of the search engines. If done correctly will boost your entire website to create an effective overall strategy!

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What Are Keywords for your website

Keywords are simply words or phrases that help you rank inside of the search engines. You’ll have to go through a process called keyword research and this is a process of gather keywords for your website.

Our keyword research process is finding the best keywords from our Local SEO Consultant agency for you’ll start generating traffic in the beginning simple. On a global scale it’s the same strategy but we focus on keywords that we’ll easy rank for in the search engines.

Because now Google ranks Topics and not just one particular keyword just like a few years ago. Well when I start doing SEO in 2013, this is the way that actually ranked pages and not from a topic pages.

This is where your silos will comes into handing with ranking all those pages and passing link juice as professional SEO Consultants like to call it.


Finding the Best keywords for your Website

Now this is a tactic itself for the finding the best keywords and if you’re not an SEO Expert this will take some thought and tools to actually do this correctly. Most people want to rank for high search volume and hopefully they’ll rank for those keywords in the process.

Our Local SEO Consultant Agency does something a little different and that’s finding the best keywords for your website. Not just high volume and high competition! While that might be effective be in some cases but all traffic isn’t treated the same for the purpose of generating results.

Check out this Blog post on Keyword research For Beginners

How to Do Keyword Research for Beginners

What Are Back Links for your website

Backlinks of your website is one of the back bones of search engine optimization that makes everything work. Now theirs different strategies inside of SEO but you’ll need back links to rank unless you’re targeting keywords that people aren’t trying to rank for at all.

As Local SEO Consulting agency, we focus on strategies that work and what kind of links that Google loves inside of our seo strategy. Basically our SEO Consulting Service practices the best ethical strategies that won’t get you banned in Google or any other search engine.

The core of back links is votes to your website and the more high authority back links the more Google and other search engines will love your website.

Local SEO is no different but finding local links is pretty simple depending on the area and how small or big your local areas.

Link Building For Small Business

Creating web links to your website is still the most important part with search engine optimization and don’t think it’ll change much over the years. High quality Back links will help your website build more authority,  trust in Google and Plus back links are nothing more like votes to your website.

People tell Google your Website is an awesome source of information or you an awesome service that people actually trust. Our Home page is all about providing more than enough value and didn’t want to be like every other Detroit Local SEO Consultant with proving no value at all.

There are multiple different link building strategies for your website but what are going to be the most effective for your website. Why Most small businesses in Detroit just might need some link Building and need a full service of us taking over your website completely.

You might not need A full SEO service but just need to get high quality links built to your website and nothing else. Check out more Information on Our Link Building Service!

Link Building Service Coming Soon

Track Your Conversions on Your Website

No point to be on the top of the search engines if you don’t know your conversion rate of people coming to your website. As a Local SEO Consultant Agency we actually setup Google analytics for the tracking on your website to see how many people are actually coming to your website.

Plus track clicks and conversions of people calling or if you’re looking to building  your email list. Inside of the email list building we track on different conversions levels through your welcome page that you’ve setup down your funnel.

Your ROI is the most important aspect of your business and no reason not to track the most important part of your actual business.

How to Use Instagram Marketing For your Business online

Instagram marketing is still one of those social media platforms that most don’t really understand yet and still in the wild, Wild West of marketing. There’s actually a lot of different moving part inside of Instagram.

All the old Instagram marketers that joined in the beginning kind of got lost inside of the new ways of growing your social media presence on instagram! Most of that marketing is focused on giving value and is more of a long-term strategy. You need to focus on giving great content!

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